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Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Feedback from Farmleigh

Here is the feedback from the Global Irish Economic Forum on the ICSC proposition and related technology actions.

Full document here

Topic: ‘Innovation: Communications and Energy’

Breakout Panel Discussion - Saturday, 19 September 2009

Moderator: David McWilliams (Economist, author & broadcaster)

Eamon Ryan, T.D. Minister for Communications, Energy & Natural Resources

Conor Lenihan, T.D. Minister of State with Special Responsibility for Science,

Technology, Innovation and Natural Resources

Barry McSweeney Director, National Knowledge Society Strategy,

Department of Communications, Energy & Natural Resources

Tim Fritzley CEO, Intune Networks

John Shine Deputy Chief Executive ESB & MD ESB Networks

Neil Leyden Chairman, Digital Media Forum

Summary Report

This session took the form of presentations by several domestic-based experts who

presented to participants for feedback and relevant recommendations a number of

proposals emanating from the July 2009 report on Technology Actions to Support the

Smart Economy. Overall participants endorsed implementation of the proposed

actions presented.

Participants unanimously welcomed the proposal to develop a revolutionary high-

speed and energy efficient communications network based on Optical Burst Switching

(OBS) technology. It was noted that this network would bring trade and employment

to Ireland’s cities and towns, and place Ireland in a leading position as a test bed for a

range of advanced telecom equipment and services, assist the development of

Distributed Data Centres and provide state-of-the-art support to the proposed

International Content Services Centre.

The proposed development of energy efficient Data and Cloud computing centres in

Ireland was similarly well received. Speakers noted that Ireland is in an excellent

position to develop as a global hub for data/cloud computing given our high levels of

expertise associated with existing and planned centres. While participants

acknowledged that Data Centres are not major employers in themselves, it was

emphasised that they attract valuable international and European corporate

headquarters. Participants referred to Ireland’s strong skills in Virtualisation, the

national group developing optimisation and standardisation criteria, and the highly

relevant expertise in Distributed Data Centres. It was also noted that several

significant international players have already established data and cloud computing

centres in Ireland.

In relation to the proposal that Ireland would develop a content management

destination, modelled on the IFSC, streamlining the storage, localisation, delivery and

distribution of digital content, participants agreed that Ireland could usefully exploit

unmet global needs in this area. It was also emphasised that the development of such

an International Content Services Centre offered a real opportunity to take advantage

of new and existing technology expertise in Ireland.

With regard to the proposal that Ireland develop a Smart Electricity Network to inter

alia facilitate the incorporation of renewable energy onto the grid and support the

development of an Electric Vehicle network, participants cautioned that Ireland

should focus on smaller niche areas rather than tackling entire sectors where

competitors would have advantages of scale – e.g. while we would not have the

research capacity to lead on the development of electric vehicles, we could identify

and become expert in suitable ancillary areas such as batteries or the billing interface

for the charge point.

The proposals for the development of an intelligent transport system to benefit

commuters, and the Smart Bay marine test bed were also welcomed by participants.

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