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Friday, June 25, 2010

Your Country, Your Call

I am pleased to announce that my proposal for "Your Country, Your Call' has been shortlisted to the final 20. The proposal is an ambitious one to "Make Ireland a Global Media Hub". here is the blurb.

Ireland as a small nation-state has a unique advantage in creating the necessary environment to take advantage of the convergence of old and new media. Our reputation as a “Land of Saints and Scholars” and the global success of Irish men and women in the area of music, film, animation, dance, art and literature makes this country the perfect environment for becoming a Global Media Hub for the creation and distribution of media, be it film, television content, music, games, mobile content, news, books or whatever hybrid media emerges.

In order to achieve this, this proposal proposes that we consolidate all activities in the area of content services, distribution and creation throughout the island and to brand Ireland as a world-beating Global Media Hub. This would include “joining the dots” with existing initiatives, branding Dublin as a Media Hub, creating Creative Gateways across the country, developing a dedicated Media Park with dedicated studios.

The anticipated employment from the initiative would potentially be around 45,000 new jobs over 5 years with the potential of developing another 50,000 in terms of jobs from the accrued benefits to the existing media and creative industries.

The process now is that I will get a Mentor to work up the proposal with over the next 6 weeks before meeting with the final judging panel evaluating the proposals on August 30th and 31st 2010.

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